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Our Team

Kurdish Advisory Group LLC has a team of experienced and knowledgable Kurdish and English language experts, linguists and teachers  based in different countries around the world.​ 

The team members join from different parts of the world to work together in achieving the goals in content creation.


Based in Virginia in the United States, Kurdish Advisory Group LLC is a place for promoting digital marketing and content creating in the Kurdish marketplace.

It creates contents in different areas such as language, culture and entertainment and publishes them on its social media channels, pages and accounts

Connect with Us


4601 Farifax Drive Suite 1200

Arlington, VA 22203  

United States



USA +1 917 325 7619

KRI +964 770 632 2371



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Selected Scenes from Podcasts
Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 21.22.00.png

English with Naser is podcast for learning English. Kurdish and English are used in a learner-centered approach and a fun and friendly teaching environment.

Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 21.25.31.png

Funglish is a podcast for learning English in a fun way through creating situations for word-for-word translation of Kurdish expressions leading to confusion and misunderstanding. 

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